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Customization Solution

Shenling is dedicated to providing suitable and overall vertical solutions for environmental regulation that meet application requirements based on different special application scenes of customers.

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Biological purification environment

Biological inhibition and sterilization technology, ultra-fine particle size filtration technology, electronic dust removal purification technology, chemical adsorption purification technology

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Seismic and anti-shock environment

Magnitude 8 earthquake protection design, nuclear island air-conditioning aseismic design technology, and marine anti-shock design technology

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Extreme environmental protection environment

-110°C ultra-low dew point dehumidification technology, 365-day all-weather continuous and reliable operation technology, 65°C high temperature cooling technology, -40°C ultra-low temperature cooling and heating technology, ultra-long connecting pipe cooling technology, ultra-high head cooling technology, ultra-high altitude cooling technology

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Anti-corrosion and explosion-proof environment

Category-C5 anti-corrosion design, category-B and category-C explosion-proof design

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Ultra-high energy efficiency

Enhanced heat exchanger technology, free-cooling natural cooling technology, all-aluminum parallel flow micro-channel heat exchanger technology, frequency conversion technology, flow field optimization technology, uniform liquid separation technology, condensation heat recovery technology, evaporation-condensation technology, indirect evaporative cooling technology

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Intelligent control

Multi-field bus control technology, self-adaptive fuzzy control, high-precision temperature and humidity control technology, expert self-diagnosis technology, network monitoring technology