ICT Data Center
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Environmental Control Requirements for Machine Room

With the advent of the 5G era, all industries have seen a soaring demand of data and information, accompanied by the increasingly prominent contradiction between high-temperature application and energy consumption. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and local governments have successively issued power usage effectiveness (PUE) indicators for the construction of data centers, and the data center cooling and heat dissipation systems, as the core of energy consumption, have attracted more industry attention.


Facing this, Shenling applies itself to the data center-based innovation and R&D of refrigeration and heat dissipation technologies and is able to provide reliable and applicable refrigeration and heat dissipation solutions that are also energy efficient for data center construction based on specific environments, in an effort to boost the development of the national information and communication technology.

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Extreme environmental protection environment

-110°C ultra-low dew point dehumidification technology, 365-day all-weather continuous and reliable operation technology, 65°C high temperature cooling technology, -40°C ultra-low temperature cooling and heating technology, ultra-long connecting pipe cooling technology, ultra-high head cooling technology, ultra-high altitude cooling technology

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Ultra-high energy efficiency

Enhanced heat exchanger technology, free-cooling natural cooling technology, all-aluminum parallel flow micro-channel heat exchanger technology, frequency conversion technology, flow field optimization technology, uniform liquid separation technology, condensation heat recovery technology, evaporation-condensation technology, indirect evaporative cooling technology

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Intelligent control

Multi-field bus control technology, self-adaptive fuzzy control, high-precision temperature and humidity control technology, expert self-diagnosis technology, network monitoring technology


Solution to Low-temperature Environment with Sands

The Zijin Cloud Big Data Industrial Park (Phase I) in Jinchang, Gansu is a national “Belt and Road” strategic project and also an important national cloud computing industry cluster and an important bearing point for national data backup for disaster recovery. It requires the cooling and heat dissipation system of the data center to be safe, reliable, energy efficient, and easy to operate and maintain.

Given the large difference in temperature between dry and wet bulbs, low annual average temperature and dust-prone weather in Jinchang area, Shenling provides a solution of using natural evaporative cooling chillers. With integrated design and innovative evaporation-condensation technology, the chiller is featured by lower power and water consumption during operation; with an anti-freezing and sand-proof structure, the chiller can operate normally in a dusty climate and it is simple to operate and maintain. This solution meets the design requirements of the overall PUE of the machine room and can reduce water consumption at the same time.

Solution to High-temperature and High-humidity Environment

There are always energy efficiency bottlenecks for the traditional data center cooling solutions if used in southern areas with high temperature and humidity, like the liquid/gas dual channel cooling project of China Mobile South Base. 

According to the development status of the data center and the demand for high-density applications, China Mobile South Base has joined hands with technical supporters such as Shenling and provided an innovative liquid/gas dual channel solution. According to the field tests of the National Laboratory, various technical indicators have met the design requirements and the annual average PUE is less than 1.2. The data center has performed well and operated stably and reliably, which provides a new idea for the construction of the Southern Data Center.

Prefabrication Capability Solution

China Mobile (Xinjiang) Karamay Cloud Data Center Project is designed and constructed in accordance with the goal of “standing firm in Xinjiang, serving the northwest, supporting the whole nation and marching to the world”. Once completed, the data center will provide cloud computing services throughout Xinjiang, the whole country and even Central Asia. The outdoor temperature in Karamay area in winter can be as low as -30°C, and the project construction period covers the severe winter and the Spring Festival. In spite of the severe implementation conditions and tight schedule, Shenling, with engineering service experience for more than 20 years, has smoothly delivered its products for use with guaranteed quality and quantity through scientific schedule control, human resource arrangement and prefabrication capabilities, escorting the business launching.


Shenling has provided overall solutions of high-quality air conditioning systems to well-known companies in the industry such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, Baidu, Alibaba, 21Vianet, Sugon, Inspur, etc.